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From: Jack
Subject: Farmed Out Part 2The continuing adventures of a teenage boy with his grand father down on
the farmThis story is pure fantasy and is not meant to offend in anyway. If you
object to sex between men and boys please do not read this storyIf you have any comments please address them to I will be
posting the rest of the chapters and others stories on this site soon========================================================Part 2 -- Farmed OutI stood lolicon hentai image boards up from the chair, my cock now going soft in the wet mess I had
left in my pants."hmmm looks like you made a bit of mess there son, I think you know what to
do, we can't have a mess in the house can we?"I looked at him and saw him pointing to the arm of the chair. I had cum all
over it and in my pants and I knew what he wanted"does daddy want me to wipe it up then""yes, dadddy does, but why don't you clean it up with your tongue and show
daddy how much you like it"I got down on my kness and started to lick the side of the archair, tasting
my own cum on the material. This was one thing I was not at all worried
about. I had often cum in my own hands and licked myself clean. I had
become quite a lover of it, and eagerly lapped up the globs of white sticky
cum."hmmmm, looks like you have tasted that before son,""yes dadddy, I have , I always like to drink my own cum when I have been
playing with myself""very nice, why dont you take your pants off then and show daddy how you
clean up for me"I took my pants off and held them to my face, looking up at him with my
childish eyes, I started to lick the juice from my boxers,"it's nice daddy, it tastes so sexy, do you like watching me lick it off""ohhh yes son, I do, lolita girls collection 1
it's very kinky do you know how that makes free lolita nude jpgs me feel
watching you do that""I hope it is turning you on daddy, I would like to think that I am
pleasing you""it is son, can't you see the bulge in my trousers?""yes i can daddy, it that for me?""hmmm, would you like it?"I was now very much into this little game, I had always been quite sexually
driven, but had been given little chance to explore anything, being an only
child meant i had to find ways to enjoy myself with quiet wanks under the
covers.Now here I was in a situation lolicon hentai image boards that gave me a wonderful opportunity. I had
never thought of doing anything with another man before, let alone free lolita nude jpgs my
granddad....but there was something very kinky about these games.I was not going to hid the fact that i was enjoying them."yes, daddy, I would love to see what have under there, if you will let
me?""ok, but you have to promise to look after it, and treat it nicely, if you
do you'll get a nice reward, do you like the sound of that""ohh daddy, yes I promise to be on my best behaviour with it, 4 14 lolita pics I will
worship it and do what ever you want me to do with it""ok good, then you may come over and have a feel then"I shifted my self and stayed on my kness in front of the lump in his
trousers. Firsly I started to rub my hands on him feeling his tool. He was
quite hard loli p t model under the material, and it was a lump I was becoming move and
more excited about exploring.Taking a lead, I started to rub my face over his bulge, and started taking
licks as well."daddy, it does feel quite hard, should it be locked up under there""no son, I dont think it should"With that I began to undo his zip and could smell his musky sweat and
heat. I sniffed the opening so that he could see that i wanted to
appreciate every moment.Putting my hand inside I could feel photo children lolita nude
something much larger than i had
imagined."daddy, it feels big!!!""oh i think you will cope ok boy"Feeling his now damp y-fronts with one hand I used the other to loosen the
button at the top of his pants. I didn't have to worry about his belt, as
of course that had come off a long time ago at the start of this perverted
game.His pants undone, I pulled them down, and saw at last the object of my
desire....and it was not going to be a tiny object that was for sure!.I rubbed his Y-fronts again and looked towards him,"can I take a peak daddy""I think you should my little horny son"I pulled the top of his pants away and looked down"oh my word daddy, it looks huge,"".....and it's all for you son"I pulled his pants down and his cock sprang out like a spring being
uncoiled.It was a magnificent tool, he didn't have a forskin like i had, and his
knob stood out proud and firm. He was thick, fuck me it was almost twice as
thick as mine. I had seen big cocks in books before but never this thick.As it stood to attention, he gave it a flick with his muscles, I looked up
at him in amazement"dadddy, that is massive, I never knew it could be so big, If I promise to
be nice with it daddy can I play with it for a while?""sure you can son, let me sit down so I can relax and then you can play
with it all you like"This was clearly going a lot better than he expected, but hey!...what is a
boy to do when he's given free range to play with a new toy?.He sat in the chair and I took him in my hands for the first time.I couldn't even get my hand around it fully, and I began to rub his shaft
slowly up and down.He could see I was transfixed by his proud penis."have you ever played with another cock before son?""no dadddy, never, only my own""so you've never tasted another mans dick then""oh never Daddy, but I would love to taste yours""well you better ask nicely then""ohh dadddy, may I lick your penis, I would love to taste you and play with
you in my mouth, it looks just like a lovely big lollipop""...and it will be just as sweet for you, you'll see" he quippedI stuck my tongue out and licked the shaft tentatively, then moving my
tongue up and down a few times i ventured out towards his massive purple
knob, using just the tip of my tongue I flicked it over his helmet, and
then went all the way down his shaft again, flicking my tongue to and fro
working my way back up to where his first drops of juice had appeared.I wasted no time in picking his pre cum up with my tongue and lifting it up
towards my moouth, so it stretched out.He loved it"my god, your a fucking natural son,"I suddenly started to realise what it was like to give someone pleasure,
and all my life I had wanted to annoy people, this was much much better.I now started to lick more feverishly, moving my tongue up and down his
length and all over the head, I soon learned that the more I licked the
shaft, the more of those sweet thick juices appeared on the top.I started to kiss his errection, gently sucking as I did, moving up. I
wanted to suck that head that was getting wetter and wetter. reaching the
top I put my mouth over him and tried to kiss and suck his now fully errect
cock."oh yes son that's it, suck on you granddaddy's hard cock, suck me like
your lollipop, it's nice and wet for you, keep sucking and show daddy what
a good cocksucking little boy you are"I was encouraged by this and stepped up my quest for his whole cock to be
inside me. I opened wide and took the top of his cock in my mouth, still
using my tongue to stimulate him, I opened wide enough to start sucking on
his delicious prick. Taking the head inside i worked up and down while
using my hand to wank his shaft as i did.He tasted amazing and I was having the time of my life sucking my
grandfathers cock."ohh yes that's it's boy, suck it deeper, god you are are a fuckin good
cocksucker, you are making an old man very very happy here boy"I didn't respond as I hot liltle lolas pics was too busy enjoying myself, forcing more and more
down my throat and then coming up for air, he was so wet that his cock was
now just sliding in and out of my hungry mouth, and he was getting harder
and harder."fuck yes, that's good, don't you dare stop boy, your gonna make me cum so
fucking hard"I was taking as much as I could and his words made me realise how much I
wanted to finally feel what it was like to suck a cock off like the women I
had seen in the movies.I wanted this man to cum in my mouth, I wanted every drop of cum to
swallow. And I got the impression it was exactly what he wanted too.He was getting close and he started to grab his cock, wanking harder as I
sucked."ohhhh son yes, tell me where you want it, tell your old man where he
should cum"I popped my mouth off and strings of pre cum stretched from my lips lolita girls collection 1 to his
knob." oh dadddyyy, fuck my face hard pleasse and shoot your load in me, pleeese
daddy I have been a good boy, let me drink every drop of your hot spunk,
force me to swallow every bit of your creamy sperm""yesss, that is what I wanted to hear from you, you fuckin cum hungry
whore"I had never been so fucking turned on before and I loved his use of words,
I was his, I was his fuckin slut, and I was loving it.I opened wide and he grabbed the back of my head, forcing me down on him, I
took more inches than every before and just sucked for all I was worth."good boy, good boy, fuck yes swallow my cock in your fucking deep throat,
fuccckk yes, keep sucking bitch....make meee cummmmmm"He pumped his cock harder and deeper inside me and I grabbed his balls and
felt them stiffen, he was going to shoot that load all for me"yesssss, here' it cummms boyyyyyyy ahhhhhhh yessss"I felt his cock go rock hard and and a gush of hot spunk left his rod and
went straight down my throat, god it felt good!, it was thick, creamy and
so fucking horny, he let another stream go and it hit the back of mouth and
throat, and then he just carried on cumming,He let go of my head as I started to choke, desperatly trying to swallow as
much as I could. His cock popped from my mouth and yet he still shot thick
wads into the air and all over my face, into my still wide open mouth and
over my nose.Eventually the mass of liquid receded and I was covered in goey thick
spunk,He sighed in relief and I grabed his cock again kising his now white knob,
licking up his juices, using my tongue to lap up the bits that were
dribbling down my face.I guided his cock to my chin and let a large drop fall from my chin back on
his knob and I greedly gobbled it up, I put his cock back in my mouth to
suck the last drops of my reward. Then I looked at him and I let the juices
come back out my mouth over his cock again allowing me to suck them up once
more."you are one hell of a cum slut boy, fuck that is the best blow job i've
ever had"I was pleased that I had satisfied him, and I continued to play with the
spunk in my mouth for his enjoyment."daddy that was divine, your cum tasted so good, please tell me if I am a
good boy I can have that every day, please dadddy, I'll do anything to
drink you all the time""oh son, you can drink your grandfather's cum anytime and I'll give you
loads more too"I let go of his cock and wiped my face, being careful to lick my fingers
clean as well.I was on heat big time, and just wanted more, "oh dadddy, that was so nice,
I am so horny, I love being daddys plaything, I want to do anything to
please you daddy.""oh you will son, lolicon hentai image boards believe me you will""thank you daddy, you know I would love to play with your arse like you
played with mine too daddy, I bet your arse would taste just as nice daddy""it will son, but just give me a few minutes to recover ok""yes dadddy, whatever you want".With that he sank in his chair and I stared up at him, like an obidient
puppy does with his master, just waiting to get my tongue out and lick him
all over again....To Be Continued

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